• User-friendly UI/UX Design.
  • Start using in 10 minutes.
  • No training required.


  • Plugin architecture.
  • Easy to customize.


  • Encryption standards.
  • Highly secure servers.
  • SSL Certificates available.


  • 10 students or 10million students.
  • Deployed in cloud servers.
  • Can scale-up and scale-down according to demands.

SM@RT - School Managment At Real Time

Benefits for Everyone

Sm@rt is a complete student information system in cloud.
Award winning, user friendly School ERP software for the next generation of education institutions.

  • Parents can log into the parent portal through the school website.

  • Parent Portal provides access to all of their child's records from the comfort of their home or office using any internet browser.

  • Parents can interact with administrators and teachers without worrying about taking a day off from work - the school's lights are on 24/7. Better access equates to better parenting.

  • Through parent portal, parents can view the complete information pertaining to their wards, like history of financial transactions, attendance information, time table, grades, exam information, school events, announcements, messages from teachers, school management and much more.

  • In teacher's portal, the teaching staff can upload notes for students of a particular class.

  • Teacher's can create assignments and polls.

  • SM@RT grants freedom for teacher's to upload content in any format.

  • Student portal is a complete online information center which shows updated information on assignments, Notes, Lesson plans, events, announcements and other school information.

  • Student portal also allows students to interact with teachers.

  • Students can also browse through the library database.

  • Students can also schedule school resources like tennis court, music room online.

  • Student can log into collaborative school community forums.

SM@RT - School Managment At Real Time